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What are your office hours?

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

What documents will I need to bring with me?

Do you handle matters on a contingency basis?

Do you handle family law matters?

Do you handle criminal matters?

Is what I tell you confidential even if I don't hire you?


Q: What are your office hours?

A:  Our hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST).  E-mails and faxes are reviewed and responded to during those hours.  Phone calls outside of those hours of operation will be answered by our voicemail system and responded to during regular office hours.  Because I am a solo practitioner I am not always in my office, please call to make an appointment or to set up a telephone conference.

Q: Do you charge for an initial consultation?

A: The initial consultation is the time that I spend reviewing your file and relevant paperwork. It also includes any initial legal research that I perform at the time.  This is not a fixed amount of time as advertised by other lawyers.  The initial consultation period is the time it takes me to review your matter until the time I present you with your various options or solutions to your legal problem.

There is no initial consultation fee for clients who have not had a prior attorney involved in their matter or have not represented themselves in litigtion.

I charge $300.00 for an initial consultation if your matter is already in litigation.  This same consultation fee applies if you want me to review a matter that you are appealing or intend to appeal.  There is no initial consultation fee for clients who have not had a prior attorney involved in their matter or have not represented themselves in litigation.


Q: What documents should I bring with me?

A: Clients are not always aware of all the issues that may affect their case.  Prospective clients should bring all relevant documents, including contracts, police reports, deeds, and complaints served by other parties, even if you think it may not be important let's look at it together and then decide.

Q: Do you handle matters on a contingency basis?

A:  I do handle some matters on a contingency basis.  This means that there is no fee unless there is a recovery for the client, which is usually a percentage of the recovery.  Clients do, however, remain liable for costs expended on their behalf.  I do not handle real estate matters on a contingency basis.  Costs involve mileage, experts, filing fees, process and service fees, copy charges, postage and fax fees beyond five pages.  Fees are the amount that I charge for my time spent litigating your case.

Q: Do you handle family law matters?

A: I do handle family law matters including divorces, paternity actions, and actions filed by the county Child Support Services Department to collect or enforce child support.  I also handle simple dissolution matters that involve disputes over the characterization of property.  I also handle post trial matters that involve clearing a client's title from judgment liens.  I do not, however, handle family law matters that involve child custody and visitation disputes.

Q: Do you handle criminal matters?

A: I do handle criminal matters.  I handle misdemeanor defense and defense of some felony matters.  My decision to take a criminal case is based on the facts of the case and the evidence.

Q: Is what I tell you confidential even if I don't hire you?

A: All prospective clients should be aware that regardless of whether or not I take your case I am bound by the doctrine of attorney client privilege.  Everything discussed is private and kept confidential.  All consultations are provided under the protection of attorney client privilege, regardless of whether you make the decision to hire me.


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