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Real estate law encompasses many areas of law, from purchase and sale contracts to issues involving title, and transfers in probate.  I am extremely familiar with:

  • Preparation of Deeds and documents that affect interest in real property.
  • Purchase and Sale Transactions. I have handled these matters for both buyers and sellers of property.
  • Issues involving escrows, escrow agents, and title insurance.
  • Disputes involving real estate brokers and listing agreements.
  • Issues of liability of real estate appraisers.
  • Secured Land Transactions.
  • Tax foreclosure sales.
  • Disputes over characterization of real property in dissolution actions.
  • Actions involving intentional and negligent misrepresentation by sellers of real property, their agents and brokers.
  • Construction Defect.
  • Actions to Quiet Title.
  • Actions for Slander of Title.
  • Actions to clear title of judgment liens and other clouds.
  • Mechanics Liens.
  • Easements and easement disputes.
  • Unlawful Detainer Actions


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